Celebrating Greatness Series- 2

Hello! Thank God its Friday. I know I am not meeting my two posts per week goal but I am very determined to be consistent with this. 

We have someone very special today: Omodara Oluwaseun aka Unilagbirdie, Birdie Apala. Seun is a  blogger, mass communicator, entrepreneur and PR. She is also my roommate, friend and we are all weird in this together.

In this interview, she lets us in on blogging, challenges she encountered and some personal stuff. When you meet Seun,you will notice she has a distinct style which I think makes her outstanding
Let’s do this.

-What motivated the change from Unilag birdie to birdie? I changed from Unilag Birdie to birdiesnests because I felt it was time to have a new vision which will transcend boarders and sticking with the name Unilag seems myopic especially when I am graduating soon, so I rebranded.

-What is the story behind birdie? *smiles*…. Okay you must have heard the phrase “a little bird told me that….” And since I had always wanted to have a means of information dissemination. I decided to name it birdie.

-How much of you do we see in the blog? When I first started Unilag Birdie in my 200level I see 101% in the blog, the drive was there, the labyrinth of day in dayout ordeals drives me to posts stories, go for events, cover it, conduct interviews, the traffic was terrific and it goes on and on. But in recent times I wouldn’t say I can see myself as committed as before (don’t judge me) things are not the same as before (in Naeto C’s voice). Rebranding and having a new name entirely is not an easy thing, getting people to get accustomed to the change is quite Herculean especially having to start a new blog from  people get first hand information off social media, instagram specifically ; people don’t want to go through the rigour of visiting blogs, though they still do, we still generate the traffic we can. So back to the question, I see 70% of myself in the blog

-Your alter Ego. None

-Four things you do every day.  Surf the web, listen to good music, eat , pray.

-Do you think you’d be a blogger if you were not in unilag (University of Lagos)?  *chuckles* I had a blog before Unilag “Montellequotes”. Back then I was a quote cognoscenti, I come up with random quotes, write them down then later felt it needed a platform. So I registered on blogger and I would share my links only through my Facebook page. Although, it was short-lived.

– Source of inspiration? God’s presence

-Are you happy with life? Yeah, I am most times then sometimes when nostalgia creeps in I can decide to be unhappy with life. *smiles* yeah I am fickle like that.

-My life hasn’t remained the same since I met…. If inner peace was a person, we know the source *winks*

– Are you your goals yet? Hell no! I will keep soaring with wings like an Eagle till I attain greater heights

-What do you think about Funmi’s thoughts? I have just one word for  what I think about “Funmi’s thoughts” PHENOMENAL

 Thank you Birdie.You know I love you. Please do check out her blog Birdies nests Slide into her dm on instagram here

PS: I really need a book suggestion or gift. I started Alias Grace by Margaret  Atwood but I wasn’t feeling it. I also started an e-book but you know my struggle with e-books. I really want to read a book. I might probably just buy or something or what do you think. But if you would like to gift me a book.  The book on my TBR is stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo. I know someone will surprise me. Thank you

Catch you later…. Who would you like to see here? I am so excited for next week feature.. watch out…..


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