Movie Review : Picture Perfect


I never saw the point in “exaggerated laughter” in cinemas. Most times I felt people laughed because others were doing so. With picture perfect, it was different. It was a first. Let me be cliché and say if this movie doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t have what will. The humour of the characters got me and made me fall in love with the movie at an early stage.

 In what seemed to be a predictable storyline (but wasn’t), the character that stood out for me was Bolanle Ninalowo who played world famous Jobe; an agbero. It was like the goddess of movies tailor-made that character for him. He did a 360 turn from the obnoxious character in Husbands of Lagos to an agbero who ordinarily you should not like but you have no choice but to.

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Book Review : Oil on Water

“Floode turned off the TV and turned to me. – Such great potential. You people could easily become the Japan of Africa, the USA of Africa, but the corruption is incredible”

This is not my first Helon Habila’s book. My first encounter with this creative writer was when I read ‘meaauring time’. I read measuring time few months ago, he is definitely a good writer (screams no doubt) but I was not just feeling the book. The plot did not generally appeal to me. The book is good anyway. Let’s get down to business.

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Thankful series

Thankful Series

IMG-20170210-WA0007.jpg Dear Tobiloba,
I have been so anticipating today. I just checked my writing book and you were the first subject I wrote about this year. I am overwhelmed, I really want to write my best piece for you. I wish my vocabulary was as standard as your own so that I will not use ‘everyday words’ because you are a treasure. My treasure! I have so much to say, I cannot express myself clearly because you have been too much of a friend to me.

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